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Mobiad….. Generate More Revenue

Mobile Operators have a crucial role to play in the Mobile App industry, because they have a continues access to Media, Advertising mediums and individuals which completes the equation of mobile advertising, making it more rewarding for all parties in the value chain, and most of all making advertising a useful component of the mobile subscriber experience. Operators have the power to push the next-generation of smarter, context aware apps…What’s more in riding the Go Mobile wave is beyond innovating an App. It is the investment in business opportunities that keeps an Operator on top of the game. Joining Mobile Networks like MobiAd enables Mobile Operators to become vital in the creation process of the second wave of ‘intelligent’ apps that can deliver far richer experiences for users which will drive adoption, loyalty and profitability.

Comprehensive Ad inventory management

As MobiAd provides full Ad inventory management and statistics, making operators Ad inventories more valuable, it helps them differentiate their own service offering. When the ad inventory placement shifts from demographic targeting to individual targeting, the value of each ad would increase significantly. That translates into higher revenue potential for operators.

Innovative service……. Increased loyalty

At MobiAd we have Customers that are IN FOR THE WIN, they are consistently using our App to be rewarded through sharing advertisers messages using Internet Data, MMS and SMS, these ways of sharing are all provided by Mobile networks Operators. Working around rewarding Operators’ subscribers with these services will maintain and extend Operators competitive position and subscribers loyalty.

Our Intuitive Tools

Our intuitive tools provide for Operators to define campaigns budget and daily spending, plus know what is being shared, what are the marketing trends on mobile-social media, what do people like and who are these people (their location, gender, interests, mobile network operator and operating system). All this information is accessible to Operators that decide to take a smart step to partner with MobiAd.