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In the Middle East and Africa, according to eMarketer estimates, more than nine in 10 web users go online via mobile phones. Smart devices are always on, always with us, whether on WiFi or 3G, they are always connected! Making mobile the most rapidly evolving digital media environment with Smartphones and tablets.

Our goal is to powerfully engage consumers with brands using smartphones, whose consumers hardly go an hour without checking on them everyday, through an intelligent and targeted advertising delivery on mobile.

MobiAd is a mobile advertising app, designed to seamlessly combine global advertisers messages with targeted smartphones’ users activities;  from making phone calls to texting and social media sharing. Every time MobiAd users see, watch, hear and watch an ad, they get rewarded with points that enable them to win hot prizes.

How does it work?

Because people love being appreciated and rewarded, MobiAd guarantees rewarding users with free internet bandwidth once the app is installed on their smartphones. Activities done by users turn into points that compile and can be exchanged for rewards in the Loyalty Club. Among the activities that users can do to win with MobiAd is sharing advertisers’ content on Social Media thereby multiplying the echo effect to reach a massive amount of audience.

Activities vary from Seeing ads while making a call to receiving a call and sending SMS, browsing our gallery of viral content according to their interest mixed with advertising messages, sharing content and advertising messages through Social Media (Twitter & Facebook), E-mail and SMS. Moreover users are rewarded for engaging with advertisers through filling their surveys, calling them and seeing their content (video, audio, pictures, website). Inviting their friends through Facebook or SMS can also add up to users points in Loyalty Club, increasing their reward value.


Get connected with your target audience of certain country, city, operator, age group, gender, nationality, downloaded apps, contextual behavior and interests.


Make it possible to involve receptive users with your brand. You can build relationships with them because they are already motivated to boost the reach of your advertising message. This is the domino effect of social media carried out by MobiAd community to spread your message.


You want results? MobiAd gives you an efficient technology platform and effective algorithms that deliver proven campaign engagement through intuitive tools. The reason why these tool are intelligent and intuitive is the high customization they provide for each segment MobiAd serves. Advertisers and Ad’s agencies get to define campaigns budget and daily spending. Once the campaign is running advertisers get to track detailed performance on our visually rich campaign’s dashboard showing views, clicks, shares and reach, advertisers and ad agencies also get to know the location and gender of those who got exposed to their message and they get to figure out what mobile operators and operating systems were used. MobiAd’s tool also demonstrates your campaign performance on each covered event (MMS, SMS, outgoing and incoming calls). This user information that our dashboard shows is of great use to Mobile Network Operators segment as well, where they get an insight on MobiAd network details. Additionally we truly care for mobile apps developers and the amazing value they bring to the mobile industry, therefore we are in the final stages of launching SDK tool for publishers to help them make the revenue they deserve.