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Why MobiAd..?


Mobile advertising has become a compelling channel since it’s rated as one of the most reliable, effective Ad delivery mediums worldwide because of the personal nature of mobile handset.

MobiAd will provide you with a great place to start and get a head, as an advertisers, you will get unmatched audience targeting and campaign management capabilities, resulting a guaranteed success , enhanced brand recognition and a satisfying ROAS .

Total Transparency, Unmatched Mobile Performance

Reach Your Audiance

The Key for a truly efficient marketing network is to have a versatile mix of media and delivery channels to generate an effective advertising experience that clients are willing to spend money on and consumers are willing to spend time with.

Mobile is proving to be the best channel for brand building, as mobile advertisements provides a percentage of brand recall parallel to a 30-second television spot and click through rates that tops parallel ads in the internet model.

Mobiad Delivery channels are the right choice for your clients’ campaigns

Considering mobiad as you mobile advertising channel will eliminate the whole confusion resulted from clients wondering why their traditional marketing campaigns didn’t match the expected cut through. Mobiad will help you achieve your clients marketing goals and even offer more return of their Ad spending.


Mobiad Opportunities; mobiad enables your clients from:

·         Building  brand awareness
·         Product promotion
·         Generating qualified leads
·         Customer acquisition


A Cutting Edge Campaign Management   

Mobiad provide ad agencies with the capabilities of managing all campaign elements; Ads, target audience and Ad delivery channels from a single web tool. Mobiad campaigns support campaigns with multiple levels as it enables targeting different audiences with different delivery channels.


Campaign outcomes tracking and tweaking

Mobiad platform will enable you to track and monitor your clients’ campaigns progress and provide you with the capability of tweaking and adjusting you campaign components in real time to achieve desired outcomes.

Cost Effective


MobiAd helps you to optimize your marketing budget while ensuring the best Ad experience for consumers, mobile advertising lower costs and ensured results make it a compelling advertising delivery channel.