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Frequently Asked Questions


What is MobiAd?

 MobiAd is a mobile advertising platform that efficiently take benefits of the mobile as an advertising medium; Certainty, Reach, Personalization and location. MobiAd simply provide advertisers to run highly contextual and targeted campaigns on mobile. MobiAd also enables various mobile content providers an opportunity to earn revenue by providing ads on their mobile content.


Is mobile advertising really worthy?

Mobile device are so personal and attentive. The level of targeting which the mobile offers is incomparable. Delivering non-intrusive, permission based targeted ads to the mobile user has globally shown much higher cut through rates than other advertising mediums such as TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor & even Internet, resulting a higher Return Of Ad Spending.


Who can advertise with MobiAd?

 All and any Brand Owner, Service Provider, Manufacturer or any entity with a message that needs to be delivered to a consumer or specific audience.


Where will my ad be displayed?

 MobiAd profiles base extends to cover Jordan and Gulf Area but soon will cover most of Middle East region also MobiAd have partnered with other content providers such as applications and Wap sites Networks, where your Ad will be served.


What are MobiAd targeting options?

MobiAd provided advertisers a tightly focused targeting according to the following Options:

· Demographics – Age, gender, Monthly income, Education Level, Occupation, Nationality, Number Of children, etc…

· Interests and Keywords of mobile Users-cricket, finance, quotes etc.

· VAS Channels- subscribed services; SNBC News, Weather Forecast…

· Geography – Country, Telecom Circle , City & Locality

· Operator

· Handset Make & Model


How much does it cost to run a campaign?

 MobiAd offers 2 types of Pricing CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) and CPC (cost per click), mainly campaign cost depends on the level of targeting adopted in the campaign and the type of delivery channels used in a campaign, the advertiser will have the choose the suitable pricing model based on the used delivery channels.


I don’t have a mobile Wap page to route users to when they click on my Ad link?

 MobiAd landing page enables you to create a Wap page through an innovative template to which profiles will be directed or (land) when they click on your Ad URL.


How can I measure my campaign performance?

 The advertiser can login to his MobiAd account and track his campaign performance by viewing generated impressions (Ad views) and generated clicks and obtained campaign responses.


How can I get started?

All you have to do is fill up the inquiry form located in the advertisers’ page and our sales representatives will contact you or you can simply contact us using the contact information provided by the site.


Who can be a publisher on MobiAd?

To join MobiAd Advertising Network you should a quality mobile site with quality content and sizable traffic.


How can a publisher earn revenue through MobiAd?

MobiAd will serve quality ads on the publisher’s service. A major portion of the revenue through the ads will be shared with the publisher. For every impression or click on the ad, the publisher makes revenue.


What are the initial costs involved?

 There are no initial costs involved. Registration & getting ads is completely free.


Is the Integration process difficult?

 The integration process with your site is a very simple process, all the publisher have to do is copy and paste a small code snippet in his source code, and automatically the code will retrieve scheduled Ads from the server after being approved.